We will continue to create happy and safe cities by delivering ”ultra-efficiency in everyday life by drones”.


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The practical application of drone technology is expected to expand to the field of infrastructure equipment in the future.

Drones and the Future


Drones help to increase the accuracy of agricultural science and improve work performance, efficiency, and harvesting.


By recording and delivering live video streams from disaster areas, we can support rapid disaster and emergency responses.


We can capture spectacular events without disturbing the artists or other audiences.

drone race

It's so thrilling to see drone pilots using their own technologies and skills to race each other.

What is the goal of our "drone city system"?

Drone City is a future urban system where various solutions are possible to deliver by utilizing drones. As a driving force in the economic growth of the drone industry, we will continue to support the launches of drone-related businesses, promote the development of the international drone market, and create a richer living environment.

Sky Exchange will play an important role in these systems and contributes to innovation through "drone city system”.


Integrating Global Sky Information with Skysharing

We aim to realize skysharing by combining drones with blockchain technology.
Skysharing is called 'Share the sky derived economic bloc'.
By realizing skysharing, all people will be able to use information and
content related to the sky in close proximity to each other, thereby promoting
the richness of everyday life and business efficiency.


In order to realize the Drone City System,
we are building our business on three main pillars.

Collection and management of spatial information

Crime Prevention and safe operation management

We maintain and manage airframe information such as "flight record" and "My Sky Number" using block chain technology. We can detect unauthorized flights and prevent aviation accidents and secret photography. In the event of a disaster, the Drone Countermeasures Tower (Skyscope) allows local governments and national government agencies to monitor and grasp the situation in the affected areas through drone officers who get instructions from the Chief of the Drone Countermeasures Headquarters.

Analysis and utilization of spatial information

Analysis and utilization of vast amounts of land and building data

By using disaster prevention databases and land and building data taken by drones, it is possible to analyze what measures and evacuation routes will be needed in the event of a disaster or earthquake in the future. By sharing Japan's own database of earthquake disasters and experiences with the world, it is possible to save lives and prevent earthquake disasters. In the entertainment field, 3D urban data generated by 3D mapping of land and buildings can also be applied to VR (virtual reality) games.

Research and development of block chain technology

Promotion of security technologies and distributed management of spatial information

The flight records we handle and the information for safe operation management (Data) need to be managed securely. We use blockchain technology as the infrastructure of our drone city systems with highly secure and distributed management technology. In order to update new technologies, we constantly do researches and operate a community of block chain engineers.


  • Company nameDCA SKY EXCHANGE PTE. LTD.
  • URLhttps://dca-sky.com/
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  • Business Profile
    • Management and analysis of spatial information
    • Consulting, service planning and development based on spatial information
    • Block hain technology research and community management


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